Collection: ReaXus® CP Class Pumps


The high performance ReaXus® CP Class consists of dual-headed, positive displacement piston pumps with constant pressure control, covering a wide range of flows, with pressures up to 25,000 psi. Standard fluid path materials are Stainless Steel and optional Titanium. Other available features include jacketed heads for temperature controlled processes.

The CP Class pumps are widely used for LC Column packing, as well as many process applications. The constant-pressure feedback loop automatically adjusts solvent flow to maintain constant system pressure and allows the user to select a wide range of process parameters, including desired pressure set point, ramp rate, and upper flow rate limit.

The CP Class is available as standalone units, and also with the SSI Column Packing System (called Pack-in-a-Box). Features include an integrated Prime-Purge Valve, interactive keypad control, advanced pressure control algorithms, and complete PC control and status through RS-232 and Micro USB 2.0 ports. With 5 mL/min, 12 mL/min, 24 mL/min, 100 mL/min, and 300 mL/min versions, the CP Class will meet most LC Column packing and process needs.